Butler & Young Associates


Butler & Young?s Energy Department is there to advise building designers and operators alike on ways to minimise the energy consumed within commercial properties. Fundamental to the Butler & Young approach is the desire to maximise efficiencies of plant and installations rather than resorting to adding expensive renewable technologies.

Changes made to service installations throughout the life of a building can often lead to energy waste by the introduction of conflicts within the building control strategy; coincident heating and cooling of a space, and main plant operation that does not reflect the most efficient use of the equipment supplied are typical problems we have found.

We can help reduce energy consumption by:

  • Being involved at an early stage in the development of a construction project
  • Undertaking initial surveys to indentify saving through changes in habits
  • Undertaking detailed surveys to indentify appropriate modifications to services installations
  • Reviewing the operation of specific plant items to resolve operational difficulties
  • Establishing changes to the building control strategy to avoid conflict
  • Advising on sub metering
  • Providing assistance with the development of an Energy Management System