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McNicholas have worked with BYA on a number of projects over the last year, covering E&P schemes, power upgrade work and Level Crossings and consider BYA to be our preferred supplier of electrical design services over the last 12 months.

BYA brings credibility to the design stage of our design & build projects, working proactively to resolve all issues in a timely manner, and providing well thought out designs which account for on-site complexities. They have impressed McNicholas with their efficient, professional manner and expertise- their approach that not only inspires confidence, but generated the results we look for.

Because of its years of experience and expertise, BYA have been able to provide McNicholas with first class support on a variety of projects for Network Rail. Our experience with BYA confirms to us that we have?partnered with a team that always provides reliable consistent results every time.

??Ben Mather, Senior Engineering Manager

?Ours is a complex and competitive industry. BYA has consistently done a good job of delivering on time, on budget, providing design support and technical advice on a variety of rail projects.?

Rob Wilkinson, Director, PlanMe Project Management

??We have been working consistently with BYA for the past 6 years especially in the highly regulated rail environment, but also on commercial projects. Their positive, practical and open approach is a pleasure to work with and ensures that Clients demands are delivered with the minimum of fuss and on time. They understand the intricacies of the regulations and can offer practical thought out solutions where others may be deterred by the? process. A good indication of the practicality they bring to projects is demonstrated by the number of contractors who select them as design and build Partners.?

Alan J Connell, Partner, Fairhurst